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> 1. The website mentions GTK-2 support, but there isn't any. Apparently
> that's in V3, which isn't out yet. Any idea when it will be? (I'm not
> really interested in a Motif look-and-feel if I can have a GTK one.)

  IUP 3.0 is taking more time than we expected. We should release an BETA
version in a few months. IUP 3 has 3 drivers: native Windows, Open Motif
2, and GTK+ 2 (that works in Windows and UNIX).

> 2. Can the IUP libraries be used directly from Lua by simply doing a
> require() of the right modules and then coding 100% in Lua?


> 3. In the interim, any ideas on what to do about the above build error?

  Never saw that error before. But usually Motif compiling errors are
associated with the fact that Lesstiff is the default Motif available
and we use Open Motif. So to compile and run IUP 2.x in Linux you must
install the OpenMotif-dev packages.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri