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On 17/02/2008, at 9:30 PM, Duck wrote:

I downloaded and naively tried to compile IUP 2.6 on Linux. I very quickly
ran out of luck, like this:


This led me to look into the whole IUP think a bit more closely, and to
come up with the following questions:

1. The website mentions GTK-2 support, but there isn't any. Apparently
that's in V3, which isn't out yet. Any idea when it will be? (I'm not
really interested in a Motif look-and-feel if I can have a GTK one.)

2. Can the IUP libraries be used directly from Lua by simply doing a
require() of the right modules and then coding 100% in Lua?

I don't know anything about 1 & 3, but I just got this (IUP and CD) going on Windows. The manual says it's possible here:

3. In the interim, any ideas on what to do about the above build error?