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G.H. wrote:
would like to learn how can system as Ivan-Assen Ivanov describe
be implemented.
Maybe there is some simple open source game that use this concept?

you may want to have a look at my game engine "Ca3DE", where I implemented a Lua binding for map scripting. It supports a type system for binding to objects of a hierarchy of C++ classes and management for coroutines, so that functions calls like "wait(5);" and "thread(myfunc);" etc. are possible.

The relevant portions of the code are open-source (i.e. the MOD/game code), you find the latest package at <>, the main website is <>.

Ca3DE uses Lua also for the in-game console system as well as the GUI system, but while you can see all the Lua scripts and C++ header files, the C++ side of the implementation is currently not open.

Best regards,

Ca3D - Engine
Carsten Fuchs