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Duck wrote:
> I recently wrote a Lua library to do IP-to-country lookup, based on a
> small, free database published by The idea is that you
> can do something like this:  
> iso,country = webnet77:lookup('')
> and get an answer like "BR","BRAZIL".
> I have twice added a link to this package into the
> LibrariesAndBindings section of the Wiki, only to have had it almost
> immediately removed on both occasions as an inappropriate link --
> apparently it counts as a "Lua use," not as a library. (It's written
> as a module and you use it by calling require(), so if it isn't a
> library, what is it?)     
> So my question is, where does one publish links to this sort of thing
> on the Wiki? And how many other possibly useful little packages
> aren't on the LibrariesAndBindings page as a result of this policy?  

I think that's the right place to put your library. Maybe login or put a
modification comment next time you put it back, or contact the person
removing it directly (it seems to be John Belmonte [1] both times).