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I recently wrote a Lua library to do IP-to-country lookup, based on a 
small, free database published by The idea is that you can 
do something like this:

iso,country = webnet77:lookup('')

and get an answer like "BR","BRAZIL". 

I have twice added a link to this package into the LibrariesAndBindings 
section of the Wiki, only to have had it almost immediately removed on 
both occasions as an inappropriate link -- apparently it counts as a "Lua 
use," not as a library. (It's written as a module and you use it by 
calling require(), so if it isn't a library, what is it?)

So my question is, where does one publish links to this sort of thing on 
the Wiki? And how many other possibly useful little packages aren't on the 
LibrariesAndBindings page as a result of this policy?