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On Feb 9, 2008 6:32 AM, Taco Hoekwater <> wrote:
> > Have you had trouble building trivial C/C++ programs in CMake?
> I guess the answer is no, but I could not get anything running
> except for the supplied examples, so I am not so sure that
> actually counts.

Did you have a tangible goal you were trying to reach?  Like, "I must
port this software to a new platform?"  Or were you just trying CMake
out?  If you didn't really have to do anything with CMake, that's a
very different learning situation than when you're in "do or die"
mode.  I definitely think CMake is sub-optimal for keeping people's
interest if they're merely exploring.  I think CMake is pretty good if
you're actually required by your boss to spit the build out by

> Anyway, I did not want to attack CMake: I simply wanted to point
> out that it is *not* the "right tool for everything"(tm). There
> is a place for Bou c.s., whether you find them a waste of time,
> or not.

It is true that I have an under-appreciation for exploratory software.
 For instance, I tend to forget about the pedagogical function.

Brandon Van Every