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Woah, that's the most depressing statement I've heard in a long time, I almost feel sorry for you!

I couldn't care less about what people trade currency for in their day to day job, what impresses the shit out of me is all the stuff people come up with for no apparent reason
other than their own personal gratification, or simply for the art in it..

You basically reduced all the wonderful things people do for "fun" into a pile of crap..

You probably have the makings of an excellent boss, but please refrain from commenting on what us "hobbyists" think is important.

Brandon Van Every wrote:
On Feb 8, 2008 8:53 PM, Duck <> wrote:
You'd get a lot more done if you dropped the NIH routine
Depends. The invention part can be educational and fun (for me, I'd call
it a hobby).

I'm just not into fun.  I'm into conquering landscapes of Open
Source-dom or game developer-dom or other Big Picture stuff.  Your
approach is valid for you personally.  I just don't think it has much
of an impact on other people's work.  But I suppose if hobbyists cared
about that, they wouldn't be hobbyists.

Brandon Van Every