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Brandon Van Every wrote:

CMake didn't begin life as play.  It had a serious job to do, and it

That may be true, but it suffers from two of the most typical "play
project" flaws out there: its script syntax is one of the worst cases
of NIH I have ever seen, anywhere; and its documentation is so
technical that it is almost imprenetable.

Most people won't care about CMake's "industrial capabilites" and
do not need to write "non-trivial stuff". On the flip side, I found it
amazingly hard to write fairly trivial stuff like the stuff you need
for "toy" projects^* in CMake.

Bou and comparable other solutions like PM are (I think) a much better
option for many, many people and projects out there.

Best wishes,

* Like in MPlib, that is using Cweb (preprocessed) sources instead of
plain C. Even plain Make does a better job than CMake at supporting
the preprocessing stage and its generated dependencies.