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Jean-Claude Wippler <> writes:
>>  (1) The "super lightweight so I can stick it in a function call with
>>      an almost trivial expression and it won't look clumsy".  [...]
>>  (2) As a simple way to add new control structures, by using
>>      smalltalk/ruby-like "blocks" to make function calls look sort of
>>      like control-structure.
> The second case can be used for more than just control structures.
> Passing predicates to a collection method, for example. In Ruby:
> 	mydata.sort { |a,b| a.upcase > b.upcase }
> 	mydata.collect { |x| x.shoesize > x.age/2 }

Er, perhaps I misunderstand your examples, but those look like precisely
my case (1):

   mydata:sort ( |a,b|(upcase (a) > upcase (b)) )

   mydata:collect ( |x| (x.shoesize > x.age/2) )


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