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David Given <> writes:
> OTOH it would be nice to have some way of avoiding the ugly end) after a
> function closure in a parameter list.

It seems like there are two rather different cases for an alternate
lambda syntax.

  (1) The "super lightweight so I can stick it in a function call with
      an almost trivial expression and it won't look clumsy".  This is
      where you're not trying to hide the fact that it's a lambda (and
      don't mind the function call parens), but the current syntax is
      just too heavyweight.

      In this case, I think you want to get rid of all keywords, so it's
      less visually heavyweight, and looks "more expression-like".

      An example might using |arg1, ...| for arguments, and allowing
      either a parenthesized expression, or braces with a normal body:n

         |a, b|(a + b)
            =>  function (a, b) return (a + b) end

         |a|{ print (a) }
            =>  function (a) print (a) end

      Usage examples:

         table.foreach (tab, |x|{ print (x + 1) })
            => table.foreach (tab, function (x) print (x) end)

         quit_button:connect ('clicked', ||{ gtk.main_quit () })
            => quit_button:connect ('clicked', function () gtk.main_quit () end)

      [Note, in the last example, "gtk.main_quit" isn't passed in
      directly, because it complains if it gets any arguments, and the
      caller of that lambda passes in some arguments.]
  (2) As a simple way to add new control structures, by using
      smalltalk/ruby-like "blocks" to make function calls look sort of
      like control-structure.

      This is what I guess the "do ... end" proposal is supposed to
      address, but it seems kind of hard to do in Lua, as Lua
      control-structures are inherently "syntaxy".  All of the attempts
      I've seen tend to look pretty bad (including the "do...end"

      I don't know if it's even possible to do this really well without
      using a meta- layer like metalua or some macro package -- and my
      personal feeling is that if it can't be done really well, I'd
      rather just stick with the current slightly-clumsy-but-clean
      syntax that add a kludgy ugly solution.

So my vote is "yea" on a lightweight syntax like (1) -- I use that kind
of thing all the time, and I'd love a more svelte way to express it --
but "nay" on a "control-structure" lambda like (2), unless somebody has
a much better idea than those which have been proposed so far...
[there's always metalua and the like for people that really want (2),
after all]


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