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On 5 Feb 2008, at 07:47, Miles Bader wrote:

 (1) The "super lightweight so I can stick it in a function call with
     an almost trivial expression and it won't look clumsy".  [...]
 (2) As a simple way to add new control structures, by using
     smalltalk/ruby-like "blocks" to make function calls look sort of
     like control-structure.
So my vote is "yea" on a lightweight syntax like (1) -- I use that kind
of thing all the time, and I'd love a more svelte way to express it --
but "nay" on a "control-structure" lambda like (2), unless somebody has
a much better idea than those which have been proposed so far...
[there's always metalua and the like for people that really want (2),
after all]

The second case can be used for more than just control structures. Passing predicates to a collection method, for example. In Ruby:

	mydata.sort { |a,b| a.upcase > b.upcase }

	mydata.collect { |x| x.shoesize > x.age/2 }

In Lua you can pass functions to do that, but the syntax is not as compelling.