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> For example, the debug build of 
> mak.vs2005 compiles under VC 2005 Express, but the 
> executables don't run due to manifest issues (deleting the 
> included lua.manifest and having VC generate its own manifest 
> seemed to fix it).

  The included manifest was only for the Release configuration. It was
missing a flag and a define.

> The release build of luac5.1 fails with 
> error about _luaP_opmodes/_luaP_opnames undefined.

  The project configuration was linking with the dll. It must link with the
static library.

> VC6 also had some issues here.

  VC6 and VC7 IDE projects will not be supported anymore.

  I uploaded new source packages with these fixes. Thanks for pointing that

> Also, this does not build the lua51.dll proxy.  

  It was not suppose to build.

  BTW, the proxy DLL was missing from the distribution files. I uploaded new
packages with the proxy DLL.

> This lua51.dll v.s. lua5.1.dll ambiguity really needs to be 
> cleared up

  The name "lua5.1" was a decision we made at the release of LuaBinaries for
Lua 5.1.0. Unfortunately it was a bad decision, but because of several
applications compatibility we will keep it until Lua 5.2.0 is released.

  This was already discussed here and I added a few more lines in the
documentation about it.

> A more minor point is that the directory structure/naming 
> feels odd, particularly when I have both standard Lua and 
> LuaBinaries around:
>   lua-5.1.3.tar.gz     -> lua-5.1.3  (standard Lua)
> -> lua5.1     (Lua Binaries)

  Yes, they are mean to be different.

> This might be better:
>   luabinaries-5.1.3.tar.gz -> luabinaries-5.1.3

  We have 68 different files to release. The names are already big. Although
the project name is LuaBinaries we are releasing Lua files. For now we do
not have a strong reason to change that.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri