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--- Kristofer Karlsson <>

> First of all, please disregard Polarinas response.
> It was apparently a
> joke about you writing Lua in caps, which is wrong,

oops :)
sorry, I don't know why I wrote it in caps when
everything in my code is lowercase.

>The mailing list is generally not this hostile!
I know, I read it often. :)

> Second of all I am not familiar with freopen but
> from reading

thanks :)
yes, I read some similar documents and I changed the
code for that (and seems to work so far). However I
wasn't sure if freopen closed only the stream or all
the streams related to that file. If the second option
was the one, being lua such a big library it'd be
impossible for me to know which files to close, hence
the question.

>Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

Thanks! :)

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