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> We've just released Lua Binaries for Lua 5.1.3.

I was going to mention this at some point.  Though I usually build from the
standard Lua distribution, I wanted to check that LuaCOM was compatible with
LuaBinaries.  Some things remain broken in the source distribution ( ).  For example, the debug build of mak.vs2005 compiles
under VC 2005 Express, but the executables don't run due to manifest issues
(deleting the included lua.manifest and having VC generate its own manifest
seemed to fix it).  The release build of luac5.1 fails with error about
_luaP_opmodes/_luaP_opnames undefined.  VC6 also had some issues here.

Also, this does not build the lua51.dll proxy.  This lua51.dll v.s. lua5.1.dll
ambiguity really needs to be cleared up (in a specification document rather than
just implementation) because it goes against the purpose of establishing a
binary standard.  The standard Lua distribution uses lua51.dll, which is fine,
and since LuaBinaries now also accepts lua51.dll, everyone should now link
against lua51.dll (?)  If lua5.1.dll needs to be maintained for backward
compatibility, it is the lua5.1.dll that should be the proxy (?)

A more minor point is that the directory structure/naming feels odd,
particularly when I have both standard Lua and LuaBinaries around:

  lua-5.1.3.tar.gz     -> lua-5.1.3  (standard Lua) -> lua5.1     (Lua Binaries)

This might be better:

  luabinaries-5.1.3.tar.gz -> luabinaries-5.1.3