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On Feb 3, 2008 2:45 AM, Wesley Smith <> wrote:
> Apology accepted.  I'm actually not in *business* for this (at least
> not directly).  I am fortunate enough to do this for research.

Fair enough.  You have ongoing university support.  My feedback,
however, is that problems of hardcore industrial support are very
boring and very onerous.  Things that people really do want to get
paid for to keep bothering with.  There are limits to what a
researcher can do here.  You really are better off accepting that
Kitware does a good job at the boring stuff, and finding ways to
leverage their work in an ongoing manner, rather than thinking you
need to supplant them.  My own research interest is automagical
translators from legacy build systems to CMake.  The business model is
that there's money in making such translations.  I can charge
consulting fees, then reinvest in better translators, which leads to
more money.

Brandon Van Every