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On Feb 3, 2008 2:03 AM, Wesley Smith <> wrote:
> > > Be advised that Kitware is never going to officially release or
> > > support the use of CMake as an API for a build engine.
> > >
> Umm.  So?  It's licensed BSD.  As long as I reproduce the copyright I
> can do what I want.

Fine, if you think you can do an equally good job at cross-platform as
Kitware + the entire CMake community does.  I think you can't.  Now,
if your stance is you don't care, then go have fun.  Your work won't
end up counting in the long run, you'll just be another guy who
thought he could rewrite all the world's problems single handedly from
scratch.  Not to depreciate what projects like Premake actually
accomplish, but these are tiny projects that will never go the
commercial distance.  They don't have the resources or the business

Brandon Van Every