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> I apologize for being a bit harsh in response to your comment.  I will
> say, if you can get a *team* together, and a business model for why
> the team would stick together over the long haul without getting
> bored, you could indeed do a lot with Kitware's BSD licensed code.

Apology accepted.  I'm actually not in *business* for this (at least
not directly).  I am fortunate enough to do this for research.  I know
what I'm doing.  I like to take risks try out ideas.  If it doesn't
work out, I've learned something.  I take great pleasure in hacking
applications into shape to use as Lua modules.  It gives me alot of of
flexibility to have things accessible through a common interface.  As
an example, I recently hacked VMD
( into a Lua module for OSX and
Windows in order to make use of their plugin system for loading all of
the super obscure biological and material science file formats.  It
works really well and took about 3 days of work.  Now I can pipe data
from VMD into VTK for visualization with no problem.