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> Well, you may not want to do it, but technologically it's the same
> question.  MSVC --> native Premake is the same problem as MSVC -->
> everything else.  That's why I think no build tool is likely to
> provide this capability.  Suggest you apply some regex kung fu to your
> MSVC projects and call it good.

That's not entirely true.  It's very possible to run visual studio
projects from the command line in cygwin, which is what I want to do.
You just run cl.exe or similar.  The issue is that it requires a ton
of environment setup and other crap that I would rather not deal with.
 I was hoping premake already had this.  I'm not asking to translate
the VS project into a premake script but whether a premake script can
build using VS' commandline tools.  There's a difference.