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> I don't have much experience with CMake or Premake, but my first impressions
> are that CMake's script is ugly as hell.
>  I was not very impressed by CMake either. It obviously has an edge over
> Premake in terms of maturity and features, but I feel confident that a group
> of 2-3 advanced Lua users could design a superior build tool based on Lua
> (drawing ideas from Premake, SCons, CMake, qmake, etc.).

I've had the same thought, but I'm not in that game right now.  My
current task is designing an build from repository and install script
for our current project that has to work on Windows and OSX.  I looked
at premake, but was a bit confused by the usage described one the
website.  I'm using visual studio on windows and xcode on OSX.  Does
premake only generate visual studio projects or can it use existing
ones?  The latter is more what I'm after.  I was a bit dismayed that
that was mentioned AFAICT on the website.