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> Unfortunately, there are too many technical and support issues
> regarding Kitware's process for that to be an overwhelming argument.
> They know how to crank out code for CMake and to date, it sounds like
> a big disruption for no particular gain.  I think the real question
> is, do mainstream fullblown scripting languages offer any competitive
> advantages for large projects, over the current CMake script?  Can
> they do things that CMake script will never be able to do, even if
> CMake script is modified and improved?  So far the answer seems to be
> "no."

Well, when you include modules like lfs (Lua File System), lua SVN,
luasocket, etc., I'd wager that you could indeed do more with Lua than
you could with CMake (or at lest in a more unified fashion without
having to resort to shell scripts and such).  I may be wrong though.
Does CMake allow for the programmatic searching of files in directory
trees or allow updating of files from a repository?