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> For example, the debug build of mak.vs2005 compiles
> under VC 2005 Express, but the executables don't run due to manifest issues
> (deleting the included lua.manifest and having VC generate its own manifest
> seemed to fix it).  The release build of luac5.1 fails with error about
> _luaP_opmodes/_luaP_opnames undefined.  VC6 also had some issues here.
Two comments:
1) Adding a manifest, may break your code if it is run on OSs earlier than
XP/SP2. Known problem. If you are using manifests then the code will
probably have trouble on W2K and earlier. I found this problem when a
manifested Lua DLL blew my XP/SP2 out of the water (killed the OS),

2) The luac issue is easily solved. See etc/luavs,bat in 5,1,3. It needs
to be statically linked.