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On Feb 1, 2008 6:37 PM, Ralph Hempel <> wrote:
Baud rate does not matter. Define "rough around the edges" :-) If you
mean no GUI - then you can help out by figuring out how to make
Eclipse work for us...

Yes that is what I meant. That would be a neat idea. I have no experience with Eclipse.  If I get some then I would be glad to help. ;-)

Yes, it's a firmware bug in pbLua. You'll see it as soon as you send
a file to the NXT - typing will be fine.

Oh boy I am doing this for a tight scheduled School project and programming the robot begins tomorrow. Is there any way to get that firmware fixed ..... this weekend? I know I am asking a lot. You can absolutely tell me where to go. :)

You cna work around it by putting at least 1 msec between characters,
but the xfer will be really slow.

OK. Is it in the older firmware? If not can I get a copy till you release the fix? I really want to use this, please help.