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Love the idea of 8 byte values.. Ingenious using NaNs to encode non-numbers. Also
the whole tracing compiler sounds pretty incredible. One quick question:

On Sat Feb  2  2:09 , Mike Pall <> sent:

>- Many of the standard library functions are now "internal"
>  functions. The fast paths are written in assembler, the
>  fallback paths are written in C. Apart from dramatic speedups
>  this also enables the stackless nature of coroutines.

This is similar to current luajit correct? Just for more library functions. You
don't mean that many standard library functions now can't be changed at runtime?

And out of curiousity, is some version of DynASM still used for the final
compilation phase or has that too needed a redesign? (I imagine by the sounds of
it you'd need some way of changing the registers used at compile time, something
I don't believe DynASM allows?)

- Alex