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RJP Computing wrote:
On Feb 1, 2008 5:25 PM, Ralph Hempel < <>> wrote:

    You either type them in by hand, or send them as text files
    from your serial terminal emulator.

Oh boy, I wasn't expecting it to be that rough around the edges. What baud rate should I use? Does the Robot just start after the transfer?

Baud rate does not matter. Define "rough around the edges" :-) If you
mean no GUI - then you can help out by figuring out how to make
Eclipse work for us...

    I have a new version to be released either this weekend
    or next week that fixes a nasty bug in the USB driver code.

If I am using Linux and not Windows is there still a bug? How likely am I going see this when I start to work with the robot?

Yes, it's a firmware bug in pbLua. You'll see it as soon as you send
a file to the NXT - typing will be fine.

You cna work around it by putting at least 1 msec between characters,
but the xfer will be really slow.