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On Nov 28, 2007 6:59 AM, Don Hopkins <> wrote:
> Stephen Kellett wrote:
> > Don Hopkins wrote:
> >> On the "too many parens" excuse for disliking Lisp: so why do you use
> >> XML and HTML? They have TWICE the number of parens, which are pointy
> >> instead of rounded, but lots of people seem to use them anyway. So
> >> "too many parens" is just a convenient and shallow excuse for
> >> disliking Lisp that avoids examining the real issue.
> >

I hate HTML and XML but don't care either way about Lisp (I have not
used it, but I have used scheme a very tiny bit) so whats that make
me? :P  I hate any language (or data description format) that has
excessive delimiters.  I am quite partial to YAML for that reason, and
I wish people would start using it instead of XML...  I also happen to
hate python because of the tab/space delimiter issues, but love Ruby
and Lua because they have none.  I like C because its close to the
hardware, but I have to admit that switching from Lua/Ruby to C is a
bit of a task sometimes as I forget the semicolons or try to put end's
in if statements ;)