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Don Hopkins schrieb:
I suggest you find a text editor that knows how to balance parenthesis, and you will never have that so-called problem with Lisp ever again.

I disagree, I've tried it a few times, also using a Lisp syntax aware editor but never came too the point to feel comfortable with it.

I think the point is that Lisp does not have much visual structure. There is nothing beside parenthesis and identation where the eyes get caught. I assume the visual perception of people is different, at least mine is.

Answer this question: do you hate XML and HTML twice as much as you hate Lisp, because they have twice as many parenthesis?

I don't hate Lisp but prefer infix notation. Writing XML and HTML are a pain but have a limited scope of application which makes it less a problem. For sure, I have no "cognitive dissonance" with the name at all although my german togue does not like the "sp" on the end of the word and I cannot believe that this might be a reason for not using a programming language.

Luckily a few infix languages slowly catch up on some features of Lisp.