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Don Hopkins wrote:
On the "too many parens" excuse for disliking Lisp: so why do you use XML and HTML? They have TWICE the number of parens, which are pointy instead of rounded, but lots of people seem to use them anyway. So "too many parens" is just a convenient and shallow excuse for disliking Lisp that avoids examining the real issue.

Not at all. My comments are based on 2 years of battling with parens and constantly getting the number of closing parens wrong. You don't find me making comments about Prolog because I haven't used it. Admittedly my experience was nearly 20 years ago, but unproductive things like that leave a big imprint. I avoid languages that I find unproductive.

As for the rest of your comments. Its an unusual theory, I'd never even thought about the name of the language before that.

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