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Well, I think you stumbled upon the key issue right there by the end where you resort to finding the actual info, something I take for granted when faced with an issue, usually before assuming it's a bug. I'm sorry if I came of sounding that way though, I offered the binaries as proof of concept, and it's corresponding buildscripts for reference. I'm not gonna start reciting msdn documentation on this list, that's a developers responsibility to first and foremost educate himself with the toolchain involved.

None the less, the initial post asked for a solution, and I think that has been given to a satisfactory degree, thus this thread should be considered closed.


KHMan wrote:
Shmuel Zeigerman wrote:
Stefan Sandberg wrote:
That link is valid, but unfortunately this is not a bug.
I'd say, fortunately.

I'm sorry about the noise too, if you guys feel that way.

>From my admittedly limited point of view, it looks like the issue
being discussed is all but opaque to non-Visual Studio users. It
would be nice if there isn't so much implicit knowledge that one
has to already know to grok your explanation. The exchange looked
pretty mystifying to someone like me; I mostly use Unix tools but
intend to try out Visual Studio at a later date, so I'm interested
in the discussion.

I also found it strange that nobody has clearly put up a solution
that Bryan can use on his own, since it's just apparently a
"misconfigured executable" and Bryan can recompile. Or even a
clear explanation, for that matter. I found it strange that
someone offers him binaries to test with -- if the problem can be
understood clearly, then Bryan can simply adjust his methods to
eliminate it, why the binaries to test?

The actual problem and the solution isn't clearly put forth to my
unskilled eyes, so I guess I'll save the list more noise and trawl
Google for the actual info.

Thanks, signing off on this thread,