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Humberto S. N. dos Anjos wrote:
> *crickets chirping*
> Not that the optimization discussion isn't interesting, but I started
> this thread primarily to find candidate applications for optimization,
> and only two were mentioned...
> Restating, to refresh everyone's memory:
>> Ideally, I wanted 3 or 4 programs of a considerable size,
>> written entirely or mostly (the more the better) in Lua 5.1, with a
>> test suite (nothing fancy, just something to demonstrate that the
>> compiled code works), and without (many) external dependencies or
>> special environment needs.
> The list got awfully quiet after Thanksgiving...

Yeah, nearing the holiday season, so you're very wise to keep
prodding... :-)

I can suggest two of my projects on LuaForge:

Yueliang has a couple of thousand lines of non-ideal Lua code
(it's totally unoptimized faux C) in the Lua 5.1.2 front end and
has automatic lexer and parser test scripts.

The 5.1.x version of the ChunkSpy binary chunk disassembler is
around 2K lines. Has lots of spaghetti code, developed in a
haphazard manner. No test suite though.

I hope they are good candidates for optimization. One is
deliberately kept in faux C, the other is haphazard spaghetti
code. Plus, they are quite large and the whole app is in Lua.

I also have a binary chunk assembler with a big test suite at
around 3K lines, but that's 5.0.x. If I manage to update the thing
for 5.1.x, I'll let you know.

Also, in Yueliang, I have a native 5.0.3 lexer (llex_mk3.lua) that
is very heavily optimized for size. If you can load it with 5.1.x,
then maybe you can compare to see if L2 can optimize it further,
as an L2 versus "manual optimization" comparison.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia