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Stefan Sandberg wrote:
> I'm sorry if I came of sounding that way though, I offered the
> binaries as proof of concept, and it's corresponding buildscripts for
> reference.    
> I'm not gonna start reciting msdn documentation on this list, that's
> a developers responsibility to first and foremost educate himself
> with the toolchain involved.  

Actually I might also be interested by the solution in the future. That
message will stay in the list archive for years, but will the links to
your personnal webpage still be valid then ?

Lua is used by many non-programmers. Also being able to compile Lua
doesn't mean you're a programmer or that you know how to use the MSDN
(which is not newbie friendly). So while a simple RTFM is valid for
programmers (and you did a good job by pointing to the right manual, ie.
the MSDN), for non programmers it's probably more irritating than