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On Nov 21, 2007 9:12 PM, Miles Bader <> wrote:
> > However if the number of supported SCS at LuaForge is limited, my vote
> > would be for Subversion and Mercurial. These are centralized and
> > distributed models for a wider set of platforms.
> Git is a very important SCS (arguably more important than mercurial),
> and is certainly worth the effort to support.

I guess my comments just made things more confusing, let me try again.

Currently we are studying how to enable SVN in LuaForge and plan to
get there whenever we can with our current manpower. This would be a
natural upgrade since GForge already has SVN as one of the SCM
options, we just happen to be using an older version of GForge in

On the other hand, we are also considering allowing the use of
different SCMs (where the mention of git was just a personal bias) in
the LuaForge machine, but without integrating them with the GForge

This would let those who want to use something less "traditional"
choose a different SCM for their projects, but would also mean that
the SCM tab in that project would be meaningless. We do not plan to
offer web interfaces for any SCM not natively supported by GForge.

The problem is that a move like that would mean dealing with SSH
somewhere in the data path, which is currently disabled for security
reasons for services other than CVS (and SVN in the next upgrade). If
someone has experience on such scenarios with different SCMs please
contact me outside the list.

So, SVN has a good chance of being implemented next year. Offering
separate SCM options is still in the "what if" phase.