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Le Wed 21/11/2007 à 09:25 Miles Bader à écrit:
> Well subversion is probably better than CVS in most ways, but there
> are many other choices too these days, often arguably better than
> subversion...
> -Miles

Subversion would be a great enhancement (less pain than CVS) but I
still would prefer something decentralized like gut, bazaar or
mercurial. And I don't think it is so difficult to enable.

For instance, as far as i know bazaar-ng, it only needs a FTP or SFTP
(using SSH) server to be able to put files on it, and a way to get then
anonymously (like HTTP). So the it only needs to set up a (S)FTP server
with the correct access list to allow GForge users (in separate
directories of course). The best thing in my opinion would be to have a
SFTP server that uses SSH key authentication.

And maybe the others decentralized SCN doesn't need more ... I don't
know though.

And for more integration, there are web-interfaces. But these are not
really required.


Mildred Ki'lya
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