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Let's place the "full" list on the Wiki as Roberto's saying. Someone more active there could make the page, then inform us on the list and we'll each place our favourite piece.

btw, there should really be some cleanup on the Wiki; taking anything pointing to Lua 4 out to a separate section or something like that. Would someone wish to make a cleaning round with me? Full wiki, all pages. Tutti.


Stefan Sandberg kirjoitti 21.11.2007 kello 16:02:

I always found it helpful when discussion about luas reliability to be able to point to the one where nasa used lua 4 to control gas- valves on the launchpad, but that's removed now..

Imo there should be one list the way it is now, and then an "old" list that just keeps piling up as time goes by, doesn't need to be with links or anything like that, but just having a running record like that is anything but bad... I can't think of a reason why old projects that used lua should be forgotten...?

Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
I agree, a "highlights" page is better than the original list. Any
chance of an "other uses" list? I can't find a full list anywhere.
If someone noticed Lua being used somewhere, then the person
wouldn't be able to know whether the project has been submitted or

It is difficult to mantain the whole list. (We decided to remove it when
we found that a link to a discontinued project was going to a porno

I don't want to sound pretentious, but I think new uses of Lua are quite
common nowadays. If someone notices a use of Lua that really shows up
and is not in the list, please let us know, if possible with a brief
explanation of why you think that use deserves to be listed. (Even if
someone else has already submitted that entry, other messages may
bring new reasons for listing it.)

The reverse also holds: if you think an entry in the list does not
deserve to be there (e.g., "that game was a flop"), please let us know

-- Roberto