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> I always found it helpful when discussion about luas reliability to be 
> able to point to the one where nasa used lua 4 to control gas-valves on 
> the launchpad, but that's removed now..

This seems a good reason to list it. (There are few uses that promote
reliability in the current list.)

> Imo there should be one list the way it is now, and then an "old" list 
> that just keeps piling up as time goes by, doesn't need to be with links 
> or  anything like that, but just having a running record like that is 
> anything but bad...
> I can't think of a reason why old projects that used lua should be 
> forgotten...?

They do not need to be forgotten, only not reminded by us :)

The goal of the list in the site is to promote Lua, not to document
history. And there are cases (not many) that to list that a project used
Lua is not good promotion (e.g., if the project switched to another
language later, or if it judged the use of Lua as a bad decision).

Of course, users are more than wellcome to start a comprehensive list of
all known uses past and present in the lua-users wiki.

PS: It is interesting to note that some time ago the list of uses of Lua
in its Wikipedia entry was a great source of discussion there.

-- Roberto