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 > Ah, what I was thinking is that it is easy to customize Lua to _be_
 > the DSL, 

Yes, that's how we use Haskell!  Major win.

 > Haskell would seriously scare your users if you exposed them to it ;)

Some users scare more easily than others :-)
Haskell is enjoying inexplicable growth right now...
after 20 years, suddenly it's looking like an overnight success...
Ironically, I suspect Perl 6 has a lot to do with this
(thanks to Audrey Tang).


 > steve d.
 > On 11/11/07, Norman Ramsey <> wrote:
 > >  > Lua is a very good language for writing DSLs (or 'little languages'
 > >  > as the old-style Unix people called them).
 > >
 > > With respect, I find Lua not such a good language for writing DSLs.
 > > Haskell is a very good language for writing DSLs; compared to Haskell,
 > > I find Lua barely adequate for these sorts of experiments.