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On 11/9/2007, Bertrand Mansion wrote:
>Le 9 nov. 07 ? 17:24, Leo Razoumov a ?crit :
>> I cannot access Clue homepage at
>> My Firefox- reports that it does not know how to handle
>> "PHTML" files.
>> Any "clue"?
>Sounds like a misconfiguration of the http server, especially the
>AddHandler directive.
>At the moment, PHTML files (php code) is served directly by the

There is something endemic about the initial configuration of the web server on luaforge for new projects. I frequently see project home pages that give an incorrect PHP-related mime type instead of just loading and running index.php.

On my firefox on WinXP that page puts up a file save box that says "You have chosen to open", some blank space where a name of a file would go, and "which is a: application/x-httpd-php from:";. If I save and open the document, it is a PHP source file clearly intended to by index.php.

I haven't tried to build a project page at luaforge myself (yet), so I can't speculate more specifically on what is wrong.

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp.