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On Nov 9, 2007 3:21 AM, Norman Ramsey <> wrote:
> I'm not sure of the current state of token filters; I will be
> interested to see if anyone succeeds along those lines.  (Although I
> must confess that token filters remind me unpleasantly of the failed
> experiments with extensible syntax in the 1960s.  I would much rather
> have a single case syntax that is blessed by the Lua team.)

Absolutely. There's the perenial danger of 'private languages'. This
is always a potential problem in languages which are very expressive,
like C++. There the consensus is that the class designer is assumed to
be an intelligent and mature adult (;)). Style and idiom become very

The main point of token filter experiments is to implement (a)
features we would like to prototype without messing around with the
core (b) domain-specific extensions. Lua is a very good language for
writing DSLs (or 'little languages' as the old-style Unix people
called them).

There's another power of specialized idioms; you can express the
problem more concisely so you can fit the program in your head:

steve d.