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Theodor-Iulian Ciobanu wrote:
I've compiled SciTE to link dynamically to lua51.dll specifically
to keep all the lua stuff in one place end encountered no problem
using it so far.

That's understandable, since there's no mix of static and dynamic

My concern is that the debugger will use "one Lua" (statically
linked with SciTE) while the scripts might call "another Lua"
(contained in the Lua DLL), when they require() external libraries linked against Lua DLL).

In my experiments, the following script is running OK by a lua.exe
that is dynamically linked to lua5.1.dll, but crashes when run by
a "static" lua.exe. (lpeg.dll is linked dynamically against

t = {}
p = function() t[1]=1 end --> t[1]=1 causes crash
lpeg.match(p, "hi")
print "OK"

[However, it runs perfectly from Steve's Scite-debug,
despite SciTE being statically linked with Lua].