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Bertrand Mansion wrote:
Le 11 nov. 07 à 21:22, Mike Pall a écrit :

  The WoW Lua add-ons are a good example of the power of an open
  and collaborative environment. It nicely shows what a huge
  driving factor user contributed (active) content can be for the
  success of a project.

The opposite is also true, I began learning Lua thanks to World of Warcraft and I very much enjoyed the time I spent writing addons. Now I hope that, since Adobe Lightroom was made with lots of Lua in it, I will also be able someday to write plugins for it (Flickr export, etc..).

Thanks for this list Mike, it's a very good summary of Lua advantages.

Not only does the vast collection of WoW Lua add-ons prove the viability of Lua for large projects, and the scope of the skilled Lua programmer community, but it's also a great way to learn Lua programming, demonstrate your Lua programming skills to the world, and find qualified Lua programmers for "real world" projects. Once you've used the add-ons, you can look at the source code to see how they work, and it's easy to correspond what you see with what you get.

The "auctioneer" add-on is a great example of a powerful WoW add-on that consists of beautifully written and well organized source code.