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Yes, that would be a good approach if I had an indefinite amount of
time to find the problem, and it may in fact be the only way. Of
course, if it is a hardware problem, even that approch won't work.
However, clearly there is something seriously wrong somewhere either
in my code, in Lua, or in the Windows environment in which my code is

I'd start by eliminating the obvious stuff which you seem to
have started to do, such as using memtest96.

Next, I'd try to run your software on a CLEAN install of
Win2k or WinXP on a different machine.

I cannot overstate how useful VMWare is for this kind of testing :-)

Next, I'd try to run the software on a barebones Linux or BSD
type machine, since you say your script is just doing basic I/O and
is not using any goofy peripherals.

In any case, either use known good and compatible LuaBinaries
or compile Lua and install it on the target machine. Are you using
any extensions like the LuaSQL?

How much memory is your app using? What does the task mananger tell you?

At some point, your firm may have to pony up some cash and get an
expert in to look at this...