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Steve Heller wrote:
> Yes, that would be a good approach if I had an indefinite amount of
> time to find the problem, and it may in fact be the only way. Of
> course, if it is a hardware problem, even that approch won't work.
> However, clearly there is something seriously wrong somewhere either
> in my code, in Lua, or in the Windows environment in which my code is
> running.

Get a copy of memtest86 (if you have an Ubuntu CD handy, just boot from that
and there's an option to start it). That will do a thorough test of your RAM,
if you're worried about hardware problems.

Are you using any DirectX code as part of your program, by any chance? There's
a DirectX bug (well, more of a designed in misfeature) that leaves the FPU in
the wrong mode, which causes Lua's fast truncate-to-int code to produce
incorrect results.

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