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Asko Kauppi wrote:
> Having "lua/5.1" in LUA_LDIR means any system scripts will remain valid 
> only until the user upgrades to a new X.X Lua version.  Say, you have 
> Lua 5.1, Lumikki and Hamster installed.  You "apt-get upgrade", 
> bringing Lua to 5.2.  Poof, the scripts won't be found.

Perl and Python have done it that way for years.

Considering the Lua release cycle (1-2 years between minor versions)
this is a non-issue. You won't find a universal mechanism that
covers anticipated future (non-)compatibility, anyway. How do you
know that all your installed scripts will be compatible with
a hypothetical Lua 5.2?

In fact I have both Lua 5.0 and Lua 5.1 installed and I certainly
don't want to mix up the installed modules. In fact they are
not compatible (neither the C modules, nor the Lua modules).

BTW: Asko, could you please configure your mail client to a sane
     posting mode? Attaching the whole posting you are replying to
     at the bottom is neither helpful nor readable. Thank you.
     (written for Usenet, but applies to mailing lists as well)