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Bringing up a year+2days old discussion to 2005..

I was surprised that 5.1w4 still has:

	#define LUA_PATH_DEFAULT  \
		"./?.lua;" LUA_LDIR "/?.lua;" LUA_LDIR "/?/init.lua"

This means, there's no common default for where system-wide library scripts would be installed, is there? Of course, one can set the LUA_PATH variable, but couldn't (shouldn't) something like "/usr/share/lua/?.lua;/usr/share/lua/?/?.lua" be built-in by default?

I'm going to do this on fink (OS X) that has things under /sw anyhow, so possibly need to set LUA_PATH at least temporarily. Still, opinions please..? :)


20.4.2004 kello 19:15, Ivan Kolev kirjoitti:

 Tomas wrote:

	I'm solving this problem with a LUA_PATH like:

LUA_PATH=/usr/local/lua/?;/usr/local/lua/?.lua;/usr/local/lua/? /?.lua;./?;./?.lua