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Good question, they're so obvious :D

Having "lua/5.1" in LUA_LDIR means any system scripts will remain valid only until the user upgrades to a new X.X Lua version. Say, you have Lua 5.1, Lumikki and Hamster installed. You "apt-get upgrade", bringing Lua to 5.2. Poof, the scripts won't be found.

While I understand this from the 'purity' perspective (no backwards compatibility guaranteed), it will become a pain.

What if Lumikki (in the package declaration) guarantees it can be used with Lua >=5.0.2, <=5.2. This can be done. Where should it put the files now? :)

I'd recommend adding "/share/lua/" to the path, after the specific version. This way, such inter-version scripts could live in peace, and not need to be tossed around if the engine version (slightly) changes.


22.4.2005 kello 15:54, Mike Pall kirjoitti:


Asko Kauppi wrote:
I was surprised that 5.1w4 still has:

	#define LUA_PATH_DEFAULT  \
		"./?.lua;" LUA_LDIR "/?.lua;" LUA_LDIR "/?/init.lua"

This means, there's no common default for where system-wide library
scripts would be installed, is there?

How did you manage to miss the three lines above that define? :-)

#define LUA_ROOT        "/usr/local"
#define LUA_LDIR        LUA_ROOT "/share/lua/5.1"
#define LUA_CDIR        LUA_ROOT "/lib/lua/5.1"