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Hi folks,

I just tried to run the sieve.lua test program (sieve of Eratosthenes via coroutines) It runs fine with N=1000 but exits prematurely on larger args. It exits silently
after printing 30029 with Lua 5.1 work 5 , raises exception c00000fd after
printing 15073 with Lua 5.1 work 2 and also exits silently after printing 25013 with Lua 5.02. All these numbers are suspiciously near to multiples of 5000, so I assume that some hardcoded limits have been hit. I played around with different
LUA_MAXCALLS and MAXCSTACK settings in luaconf.h but without
success. What settings do I have to change to make the sample run? Is
Lua supposed to exit or crash when these limits are exceeded?

If this matters, I'm using gcc 3.3.1 on Windows XP

Ciao, Fred