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Asko Kauppi wrote:

My current plans go approximately like this:

Since any Lua script utilizing SDL_Mixer also needs to have an SDL event loop, I'll make SDL_PollEvent responsible for the "lua side" fetching of the callbacks.

    Lua runs..
-> sdl_mixer C side callback -> glua_callback_post -> continue.. (no access of Lua here)
        -> glua_callback_fetch -> Lua callback
        (looping until no callbacks left in queue)

That's fairly simple, and does not need Lua core mods (good so). There's a lot more details, sure, but this should work, be simple, and modular. Also, the dispatcher and fetcher don't need to intimitely know each other.

Thanks for the ideas!

my PortAudio port uses (brutal i know) a line debug hook (in one implementation). this is set to check the audio buffer status every 1e6 instructions or so, and top-up if required.

audio data is transferred via a userdata with accessors for table-of-floats.

i looked at threads / events etc. for scheduling, but didn't want to mod the core.

it's (fairly) easy to do "hard-sound" apps in lua :

while (true) do
  check status (maybe sleep / wait event)
  update buffer
  update display
(better yet do with coroutines, or as a filter chain)

it's that background refresh / save audio data while the app is away with the pixies somewhere that i have problems with.

by the way - i looked at SDL, but it didn't record, as i remember. is this still the case ?


ps my new phone supports brew apps ... the nights are just too short :)