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In lua 5, we are using luaL_loadbuffer followed by lua_pcall.  If there
is an error, there is no stack trace back.

How do we implement this in lua 5?

Have a look at debug.traceback, it is also stored under the global name _TRACEBACK (in 5.0.2 at least, didn't check 5.1). You can provide it as an error handler in lua_pcall something like this:

    /* stack layout:  func arg1 ... argn */

    /* provide traceback function */
    lua_pushstring(L, "_TRACEBACK");
    lua_gettable(L, LUA_GLOBALSINDEX);
    lua_insert(L, -n - 2);

    /* stack layout:  _TRACEBACK func arg1 ... argn */

    /* call func with error handler */
    if (lua_pcall(L, n, 0, -n - 2))
        /* an error with stack traceback is now at tos */

The traceback function will still be on the stack after lua_pcall.