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> > > First of all, the "nil, nil, timeout" is a pretty "normal" way to invoke
> > > a sub-second sleep on *ix platforms, and this is even mentioned in the
> > > documentation.
> >
> > This doesn't work on Windows, though...  Use socket.sleep instead.
> Still, I triggered this bug running it on linux, so I guess something is
> wrong. I've used the subsecond sleep facility from other platforms (Perl,
> C/C++) on the same machine without any problems, so I still believe it has
> something to do with luasocket.

I should probably update the manual. It's just a bad idea to do this.
The point of the remark was to discourage its use. One of the problems
is that lot's of tables will be created for nothing. Another problem is
that your code will not be portable to Windows.

That said, this *is* a bug. :o)

    >     tm_markstart(&tm);

Thanks for finding it.