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Excellent. My usage is for a select loop that does not use "nil, nil". I just 
made a minimal case to point it out and figured no need to stuff actual 
sockets in there to demonstrate it.

My usage will be listening for sockets, but I do not want that busy loop 
eating all my CPU cycles.


Marius Kjeldahl

On Tuesday 21 September 2004 20:59, Diego Nehab wrote:
> I should probably update the manual. It's just a bad idea to do this.
> The point of the remark was to discourage its use. One of the problems
> is that lot's of tables will be created for nothing. Another problem is
> that your code will not be portable to Windows.
> That said, this *is* a bug. :o)
>     64a65
>     >     tm_markstart(&tm);
> Thanks for finding it.
> []s,
> Diego.