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On Tuesday 21 September 2004 20:01, Maxime Petazzoni wrote:
> > Whenever I try a simple " (nil, nil, 10)" luasocket returns
> > immediately instead of waiting 10 seconds. I'm using lua 5.0.2 and
> > luasocket 2.0 beta 2 on Gentoo Linux (on Intel).
> Maybe it is because of the nil table of sockets ?
> Does it work with not nil parameters ?

First of all, the "nil, nil, timeout" is a pretty "normal" way to invoke a 
sub-second sleep on *ix platforms, and this is even mentioned in the 

To your question, yes, this bug triggered on a single threaded select based 
server of mine (I was wondering about the high CPU usage). To make it easier 
to ask the question, I tried to come up with a minimal case to share with 
other people, and I guess I found a minimal test case for looking into this 
bug or having other prove me wrong (i.e. something else is wrong at my end).


Marius Kjeldahl